Death and the City. A very loose intro

I’m in my second year of working at my own mortuary. A blessing and a curse. Because, I’m sort of my own boss. Sort of. But that also means I’m responsible for everything.There’s no more clocking out and brushing the dirty of the day off until the next. I’m on the clock, round the clock. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10AM or 2AM if my phone rings I answer it. If there’s a funeral to be had, I’m working it. Papers to be filed, well you know I’m filing it. And if something falls through, there’s generally no one to blame but myself.

I used to work for a larger corporate home in Los Angeles. I made it less than six months. My ability to stomach my coworkers seeming lack of ethics was ultimately my downfall.  But obviously, that isn’t the whole story. You know how people always tell you to just “stick it out”? Yeah. That’s actually really bad advice. I mean look, if you’ve had four jobs in the last three months, then maybe you need to do some soul-searching because it may actually be you, not them.

However, if you went to school for something that you felt truly wonderfully passionate about-like I did-and you find a place that you think is going to make you happy-like I did- and then in six months your gut instinct is that it is a horribly toxic environemnt. Leave. Go with that impulse! Do not try to make it work. There is something really amazing waiting for you. I realize that this is coming from someone who’s Facebook status usually reads, “I hate everyone. I hate everything.”But seriously life doesn’t have to be terrible, I just think we are all used to accepting less than our worth. And I think that pertains to all parts of our lives. And yeah sometimes, “something amazing” just means that you don’t have to dry-heave every morning in a toilet before you go on the prep room with your coworkers. It may also mean that you have to go back to waiting tables, which is a different kind of torture all on its own. But you know what? It’s ok because there is something more amazing than both of those as long as you are committed to being focused on finding it. Swearsies.

So anyways. This blog is meant to be a place for casual thoughts about maybe sometimes serious things. This is my opening rambling.

A little about me? I’m a mortician in Los Angeles, which you probably have figured out by now. I worked for a large corporate home. I quit. I went back to waiting tables like a schmuck. And that lead me to working with a wonderful group of women who I’m lucky haven’t figured out yet that I may be a complete and utter jerk.

Ummm what else? I cuss like a sailor. I most definitely take every opportunity given to embarrass myself or offend someone. And, I matched with like ten guys on Tinder. None of whom? None of which? Ever messaged me. So I also may be totally uninteresting and/or not super hot. Or like, only hot enough for a guy to swipe right on me because he wouldn’t be oppose to buying me a drink in hopes of sex, as long as I do all the leg-work. I’m also fairly certain that I’m a total life failure masquerading as something successful. So yeah. You should keep reading. Learn from me. My mistakes. And maybe eventually some of my wins?

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